Insurance for Towing Services and Auto Transporters

Bill Sims, CPCU, ARM, is at Hamby & Aloisio Insurance in Atlanta, Georgia and is the tow truck, driveaway, and auto transporter insurance specialist.  Available in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Having more than 25 years of experience in providing insurance for the transportation industry makes Bill one of the most knowledgeable insurance agents in this field.

Unlike other agents you may contact, Bill works almost exclusively with towing services and auto transporters.  Bill's superior knowledge of the towing and auto transport industries, and those insurance companies that cater to these businesses, is invaluable when obtaining the best possible coverage for the lowest price.  Once you become a customer of Bill's, you will not be passed off to another agent or employee, Bill will continue to work with you directly.  Bill has access to all of the insurance companies that the other agents have, but also has exclusive access to certain insurance companies for towing services unavailable to other agents.

Bill can be reached at (770) 804-4829 or toll free (800) 229-3270, or email Bill at